Thank you very much for your patience as we continue to construct our warehouse!  We hope to have it fully operational by July 1, 2020.

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June 2020 Announcement

“If you want to be a real community organizer, ask yourself these 15 words: What’s something simple that I can do that’ll have a positive impact on my block?” Jahmal Cole, founder of the nonprofit My Block, My Hood, My City

Here at The Brainstorming Warehouse, we are thrilled to be launching My Civil Duty, an incubator program for community-driven ideas and visions.  We have an ever-growing team of individuals looking for ways to plug themselves into ideas that evolve into actionable solutions.

My Civil Duty is a way for us to team up with people who have the idea and the passion but are lacking skills and resources to get their idea off the ground for free or at a reduced rate.

Looking for something to do?

Check out some of our Brainstorming Warehouse Challenges.

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