Sometimes it can take a small army of volunteers to bring an event together of any kind or style.

Together #BlueIslandStrong would like to express their appreciation and gratitude to the members of the Blue Island Community who made it out in full force for the August 13, 2020 Face Mask, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer and Food event coordinated by Carol DiPace-Greene of Blue Island, Illinois through donations of items, time and effort throughout the month.

Following is a list of contributors Together #BlueIslandStrong would like to thank for helping with the August 13th event:

Mayor Domingo Vargas
City Clerk Randy Heuser
City Attorney Cary Horvath
Aldermen William Cazares (Ward 2)
Aldermen Johnny Hill (Ward 5)
Aldermen Dexter Johnson (Ward 1)
Aldermen Allan Stevo (Ward 7)
Officer Jeremy Rhodes (this link leads to BI Police non-emergency online portal)
Blue Island Public Library
Eisenhower High School
Captain Luis Acosta, Blue Island CrossGenerational Salvation Army
Lopez Tire (2407 York St, Blue Island, IL)
Marsha Lee & The Tommy Lee Memorial Fund
Patty’s Grooming
The Brainstorming Warehouse
Sonji Brooks
Patty Filewicz
Angelo Greene
Dexter Johnson Jr.
Patty Morrone

If you would like to learn more about the event, please contact Carol DiPace-Greene at

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