First off, no words or actions will ever sufficiently communicate my appreciation to my friends and family, let alone so many new acquaintances made throughout 2020!  THANK YOU FOR BEING THE UNIQUE AND COMPASSIONATE INDIVIDUALS YOU ARE!!

Among the flurry of brainstorming throughout this year on how I could use this website to assist with needs cropping up in my own backyard, the one idea that I kept coming back to was some sort of central calendar conveniently listing all local events…’cause it just ain’t out there and I’ve already been doing a lot of the research for myself and others…why not publish it, right?

Over the next 72 hours, the site will be redesigned and rebuilt with an initial focus on food pantries, Coronavirus (Covid19) testing and other immediate needs projects being listed in a convenient, accessible calendar format.  There will be a form people can use to submit events, but please note that events submitted to us will only be listed AFTER PHONE CONFIRMATION OF THE EVENT and a way for people interested in donating and/or volunteering to contact the group.  Once that happens, the event will be listed here on this site with as much information as we can gather along with a contact person for the event.

There has already been a bare-bones test run launched to this site and the technology seems to be working, so now it’s just a matter of finishing up a new design and then gathering information to help Blue Island residents and our surrounding friends lessen our individuals burdens just a little bit…here and there.  Some people like to plan while others might discover an emergency reason for help and hopefully this calendar project will make the process just a little bit easier.

So please excuse the shifts and shuffles while we build up this community service.

Again, thank you to my friends and family for all that you do!!!!

Warm wishes,