Online Diary Entry June 1, 2021

So much to do, so little time.

It is within the small tasks at hand and around me that create the most curiosity as to what truly is a priority and what can wait for another point on the timeline.

One right choice can lead to five more and one wrong choice can lead to even greater burdens than 10 bad decisions one after another.

Just ask someone who has lost money in a stock market or in a bankruptcy, right?

I also know my own life is not dependent upon keeping count of how many mistakes and errors I make along the way to help ensure I keep such a statistic as close to zero as possible on anyone’s measuring stick.

In fact, as a Creator Of the Original, I know that “mistakes” are frequently gifts in disguise, such as with sticky notes. The company and the employee didn’t set out to create them, as is the case with many innovators.

So no matter what happens today, just remember to learn what you can from the experience, get ready for tomorrow and have fun the rest of the night!

#BalanceCanBeTough #BalanceIsWellness #BalanceIsPriceless #BreakingTheBackOfMyPoverty #OneMomentAtATime