Micro Clean Up Project (#MCUP) Examples 

September 19, 2020 Before Picture #1:  This walkway leads to a parking lot shared by commuters using the train and visitors to The Cal Sag Waterfall in Blue Island, Illinois.

Over the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to jump into a few community projects related to foliage cleanup and the results were stark and startling…but also thrilling and exciting as well.  It truly is amazing what kinds of changes can happen with a few hours, a few tools and a little bit of sweat!

September 19, 2020 Before Picture #2:  While this walkway has lighting, there was still a significant quantity of outgrowth impeding safe travel and line of sight.

It is these types of past and present successes that has inspired us at The Brainstorming Warehouse to call for a nationwide campaign to see how many Micro Clean Up Projects #MCUP can be accomplished before Halloween.  10,000?  100,000?  A million?  More?

This call to action goes out to homeowners and renters alike.  The key is to create goals that can be handled by one or a few people at most…no large groups necessary.  This strip of public property took a little over 11 hours to accomplish by myself.

September 20, 2020, After Picture #1:  This result took two days to accomplish but what an exciting difference!  Completely clear line of sight through simple branch trimming, weed pulling and sweeping.

This can help our youth build up their resumes during these challenging times, let alone your own!  Dare we point out the outdoor exercise value?  And what if we told you that you might actually have some fun?

Many projects can be done without help from your local municipality, including helping a neighbor with lawn mowing, tree trimming, leaf raking, etc.  Also, your local Town, Village or City Hall might have programs already in place you can plug into, like what I did with this particular project.

September 20, 2020, After Picture #2:  I was able to shuffle a significant amount of dirt that was covering the walkway to create a stronger barrier against the elements.

I would like to thank Blue Island Mayor Domingo Vargas and Blue Island Alderman Allan Stevo for the loan of tools to get this project done!

#CleanUpFrenzy #ItsYourTurn #WhatWillYouImproveToday

September 11, 2020 After Picture #1: This entire block was trimmed up by a small group of volunteers, including Blue Island Mayor Domingo Vargas. This tree was so overgrown, the branches were less than 4 feet away from the ground in some areas. Again, thanks to Mayor Vargas for the loan of tools to take care of this area