Design and Development Services

I have been providing customized design and development services to a variety of clients (paid and volunteer) in the public and private sector for well over 20 years now.

There can be many reasons why the site is not performing to the standards an owner is expecting, especially within the initial design and development of the site.  In some situations, one 30 minute phone call can dramatically shift your Return On Investment (ROI) and for other sites, a few hours of data clean-up and manual tagging can significantly elevate your presence in the various search engines.

Maybe you are in a position of being a first-time owner of a website and you have no idea where to start, what the ownership will entail in terms of time and money, as well as many other items commonly found on a design and development checklist for a site. We can get the development side rolling with one 30 minute phone call and you are welcome to take the structure we create to another developer or work with someone in my network of designers and developers.

On the content side, you might be looking for someone who can take 100,000 product records and “clean” them up (duplicates, typos, tagging, etc.) or perhaps you are looking for someone who can create original content.  I am familiar with a wide variety of industry linguistics and am able to compose in a voice that will resonate as a professional and knowledgeable voice for you and your organization.


* While I confess I was a Dungeons and Dragons woman back in the day, the “D&D” is intended to mean Design and Development.