Short On Ideas? Take A Short Walk!

Many people often equate the practice of “brainstorming” to a group activity, but it also can be a fun–and yes, sometimes frustrating–solo act.

You don’t have to be a “creative type” to learn how to brainstorm. You just need a group of reliable sources for starting materials and one of the easiest sources to access is to simply take a walk somewhere with full intent on inspecting everything along the way.

Maybe it’s a trip to another room in the building you’re in or perhaps it’s a walk around the block, but the environment surrounding us–whether it be indoors or outdoors–provide us with all sorts of starting points for uncommon thinking.

As you walk, it’s time to play pretend.  For example, pretend to “forget” the names of everything you are looking at and ponder how you would explain a floor tile or a tree leaf, first with you as the only audience member and then others listening in.  How would you go about counting raindrops or drops from a shower head?

The point of the walk is to challenge yourself to use whatever is in front of you as a potential source of inspiration that eventually leads you to that WOW idea you’re looking for.

Whether you have a community-based idea needing a web presence or a musician looking to build a promo pack, I can help you come up with ways to present your ideas to the public, including but not limited to an online presence.  Contact me for more information.