Popularity Metrics? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Popularity Metrics!

The Popularity Factor has been around for centuries, that mysterious mythical algorithm that provides certain individuals an ability to produce numbers that satisfy their audience, thus making them Popular With the People.

The Popularity Factor is part of why I crafted yesterday’s diary entry the way that I did.  I didn’t write it with hopes of gaining traction in the viral community, let alone my local one. I did craft it knowing that there are almost 8 billion people on this planet and any one of them could read the post, but all in all, it was something I needed to write and then publish…for my own metrics.  I needed to cheer myself onward and now I have an entry in my online warehouse I can turn to any time I am looking for that kind of cheer–no matter how many people “like” the post.

So while the value placed on statistics such as views, clicks and time spent on a page continues to push the ceiling of Possible Popularity Points, it also tends to dilute and devalue content based solely on keyword metrics and not the actual value of the material itself.

There is nothing inherently wrong with being able to boast having millions of views or followers.  However, website owners tend to have distorted impressions on what is, and is not, possible–and at what price tags–when it comes to producing tangible results.  Many do not have the hundreds or thousands of dollars it takes to purchase ads, pay influencers and other methods used to generate those large numbers of popularity, let alone the time investment of creating content.

Guess what.  That’s okay!  Your build doesn’t have to be about trying to sell millions on your brand, it’s about selling one customer at a time your products and services.  Having a hundred thousand visitors to your site with only 100 sales isn’t as good as having a few thousand visitors to your site and 300 sales–because ultimately, your website design should be all about converting visitors into action with the least amount of investment reasonably possible.

With just one 30 minute session, I can help you evaluate your website, it’s current and potential role in your business strategy and how to elevate your ROI with your investment into the site.  Send me an email and let’s get started today!

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