Hello world! My Name Is Valerie. What Is Yours?

Back in the 80’s, I learned how to produce what people likely classify as a “Hello world” piece of coding.  This is the way I learned it.

10 print “Hello world. My name is Valerie. What is yours?”

20 goto 10

The numbers assigned to each line of code are irrelevant if this was to be the only two lines of the program.  The key part of the code is the words “print” and “goto.”

The word “print” took all of the text in quotation marks and replicated it on the screen (you never say the “10 print” part) and the word “goto” instructed the computer to go back to line 10 and do whatever line 10 says to do.  In this example, the screen would eventually fill up to where one had trouble discerning whether or not the code was still running. Sometimes there would be a flicker after each line or other CRT and RAM issues, but more often than not the program would basically be running in the background, despite my screen appearing to stay the same.

The coding of instructions might have changed over the decades to be more end-user-friendly, but the importance of strategizing your code-building prior to a build too frequently is dismissed by flashy commercials promising you a website “with a few quick clicks” or “less than 15 minutes” and can cause you major headaches right out of the gate or months down the line when you can’t understand why you are having trouble ranking well in the search engines.

Don’t spend hours, if not weeks, combing the Internet for videos that might help you reach your goals.  Let’s you and I spend 30 minutes talking about your business goals and your website as it exists at this time.  Prior to our appointment, I’ll take an in-depth look at your site for a variety of elements and provide you with observations and notes.  From there, we will custom-build you a strategy you can implement, whether it’s in-house (your employees/contractor) or to shop around to other developers with a focus on building a long-term relationship.

The bottom line is that a website doesn’t always need a changing of its code to help it perform more effectively and efficiently.  Just send me an email and let’s see if a little strategic brainstorming can jump start your business this summer.  One 30 minute session costs about the same as a private 1 hour lesson on a music instrument or tutoring session for a college course and could have an even greater impact on your bottom line than you could ever have imagined.