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Some of the organizations helping our communities #SurviveANDThrive!

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Everyone can benefit from a little assistance every now and again.  However, conditions are forcing more and more people to turn to charities, debt relief programs, etc. on a more frequent basis.

Everyone at the Warehouse strongly believes that accepting help is a sign of strength while in a position of weakness, not a sign of weakness needing to be hidden and "muscled" through.

Please remember that these events are being coordinated by people wanting to help fill in a gap or two while on your own individual pursuit of happiness path.

Maybe you've never thought of donating money and/or items to a local event or maybe you are a regular.

Either way, donating is your chance to help change the lives of your friends...your neighbors...your community.

Many events are sponsored by not-for-profits, but for-profit organizations can be hosts to events as well.

We do not accept any donations here at the Warehouse.  We link you to the location authorized by the organization to act as their receiver of donations.

If you don't see something here you are interested in donating to, please stay on the look-out and participate when and where you can.

Most communities may have had a pre-existing need for volunteers prior to the pandemic, but this winter it is more crucial than ever to encourage people to get involved.

Sure, you might have to be a little creative in finding ways to contribute a little time, but even one pick-up and delivery of food can make a significant difference in someone's life who doesn't drive and is home-bound.

Remember!  You don't have to wait for someone else to coordinate an event for you to be a volunteer!  If you see a gap you can fill, go for it.

Anything and everything that the Blue Island community and our surrounding neighbors might want to participate in.

Participation can range from recipient, donor and/or volunteer.

We will sometimes accept "pop-up" event submissions with some level of validation (i.e. phone call, in-person validation, etc.).  A "pop-up" event is something that is arraigned in less than 48 hours time.

If you are an event coordinator and would like to expand your presence on this site, please call us Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

We view this project to be a Public Service Announcement and therefore publish all event listings free of charge

We are in the process of developing an enhanced listing program for organizers, as well as an advertising program to help support the effort.

If you have a flyer in .pdf format or readable picture format, use this form.

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Well…the hope will always remain that the calendar entries can serve anyone and everyone…depending on what someone is looking for.  Some people are enduring extreme hardship while others are looking for ways to “plug in” to our local community, such as making donations and volunteering time.  We intend to constantly curate local events and invite you to let us know about any event we do not have listed here.

The Calendar is supposed to help a visitor quickly glance at a variety of events in Blue Island and the surrounding communities and make decisions accordingly.  Right now, we are focused on curating food-related events, but eventually we hope to publish all types of events, including local government meetings.

Right now, we are curating information for the Blue Island community, which includes events in the surrounding communities.  Addresses for the event are included with each entry.

Events are hosted at the discretion of the group or organization coordinating the event.  Some events are one-time activities while others are weekly or monthly.  This is why we chose to adopt this calendar format to track all of the information.

With so much information available online, it can take quite a bit of time to pull together a few pieces of information from a credible source.  This Calendar is designed to bring together critical, potentially life-saving information under one roof, especially for those who do not have unlimited internet access.

We have tried to keep the bar extremely low, but with confirmation points.  For example, an event listed on the Illinois Department of Public Health website is credible enough to re-publish, but an address and time sent to us without a phone number to verify will not be published.

We actively seek out events a variety of ways and encourage you to let us know about any events not listed here.


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